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I have always loved to create, ever since my chubby toddler hands could grasp a crayon. I would draw endless pictures for my parents, of myself, of them, of my pets, of the dolphins and whales I planned to live with when I grew up to be a marine biologist (!) Our kitchen walls were covered with drawings and paintings. Then gradually, as I got older, there never seemed to be any time to make art. The Real World had caught up with me. Throughout school I was repeatedly told that science and art were not compatible. Although I had grown out of wanting to be a marine biologist, (maybe when I learned you don’t usually get to live with the dolphins – who knew?) I was still fascinated by the natural world, and wanted to help it. I studied for a degree in Ecology. I volunteered on nature reserves. Eventually I got a job in environmental education.           
But I felt there was something missing. That creative part of me that used to play with crayons and paint was starting to find her voice again. Throughout university I began making jewellery in my spare time. I collected bits of ephemera, (I’ve always been a packrat) and started to make collaged cards for friends. It was then that I discovered the online art community, and a whole new world opened up! I took a few online classes in mixed media, and began to add paint and ink to my collages. I would never have called myself an artist, but I was having fun letting my creative side free again.
Then I discovered art journalling. I love this form of creative expression because it is so freeing. A journal is a place to play and experiment without judgement. It is my sanctuary and my playground, and I can share pages, or not, as I wish. I love to work in different sizes of journal, and have recently started to make my own tiny books to work at a much smaller scale. My work is still usually mixed media. I love texture and tend to build up a painting, either in my journal or on paper or canvas, with many layers. It is fun to see what fragments will end up peeking through, some things hidden, some things revealed. It was through the process of journalling and connecting with others who have also developed this practice that I began to see myself as an artist.
I am constantly inspired by nature, and in particular the beautiful Dorset coast where I live. Natural forms often find their way into my work, especially birds and butterflies. I particularly love to use elements from old natural history guides and science books, there is a wonderful feel to these old images. One reason for this is that I have a love for all things vintage. Old books are a particular weakness of mine but I am drawn to all sorts of old objects, from fossils to fountain pens, tiles to typewriters. I love the stories that objects from the past carry with them and often use found objects and ephemera in my work.
I hope to be able to inspire others to begin or expand a creative practice of their own and to connect more deeply with the natural world. I believe deeply in the power of this beautiful planet to inspire the inner artist in everyone. Thank you for joining me on this creative adventure!

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