Tuesday, 1 December 2015

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... (Help!)

Happy first of December! Little one is a bit small to appreciate an advent calendar this year, but I'm looking forward to making her one next year. I feel like Christmas has suddenly crept up on me, and I still have so much to do. I always like to try and make a few presents, but this year I think I'll have to buy most of them, I just don't have enough time left! I always try to support other small businesses as much as I can, and I'm aiming to do a little gift guide in the next few days with some of my favourite handmade present ideas that have caught my eye recently.

I have been focussing on trying to get my business and website up and running properly over the last few weeks. I was made redundant from my day job so I'm taking the opportunity to try and make my living in a more creative way. I have been ticking off little jobs behind the scenes as part of the 100 day goal (we are on day 92!) and slowly feel like I'm getting there now. I even managed to attend a craft fair and sell a few paintings at the weekend!

I will be having a big website launch with a giveaway and some exciting new projects to share with you early in the new year. In the mean time I will try to maintain a more regular posting schedule here before Christmas! Now to figure out the practicalities of putting up a Christmas tree with a toddler in the house... Any suggestions gratefully received!

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